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If you were sexually abused as a child, did you know what was happening? Could it have been prevented? Who would you tell? How would you tell it? 


These uncomfortable and provocation questions are the core of the  book ABC's of Child Sexual Abuse. Dr. Gloria's inspiring one of a kind 3 in 1 "must-have" book for awareness, education, and prevention, written by a two-time survivor of child sexual abuse, Dr. Gloria's book ABC's Of Child Sexual Abuse is the first book from the series FAFA and GloGlo, this book goes beyond the censored conversation and offers a personal experience that highlights common red flags of CSA. ABC's Of Child Sexual Abuse emerged with the idea to help children and parent’s know the truth and empower kids to speak out by providing you with information about body safety, warning signs, potential abuse signs, helpful tips to and innovative solution to help children understand what is allowed and what is inappropriate.Written in language children can understand, ABC's Of Child Sexual Abuse uses the 26 'universal' letters with accompanying words, insightful images, crafted specific key messages, Dr. Gloria uses as an eye-opener to start these safety conversation when your kids are young. This astounding book is designed as a 'dip in and dip out' book which makes it easier to have these conversations often not just for parents but also for educators, and caregivers.

I will help make my community and environment a safe place for children;

I will speak out against child sexual abuse;

I will empower all children to use their voice;

I will start the conversation as a parent/educator/caretaker;

I will speak up for the rights of children;

I will listen to all children; 

I will believe the children;

I will pay attention to nonverbal & body language of children;

I will report any form of abuse right away;

I will report suspected abuse right away; 

I will speak with other people in my community about protecting children;

I will pledge to spread awareness, to educate, and to prevent abuse towards children.

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